How to setup Documents Link on MapInfo using Discover

Document link is a useful feature on MapInfo which can be used to add or insert external data to a Mapinfo object. Users can view the linked document using associated program for the document. This document link feature is available on Encom Discover. This tutorial is going to show you how to create or setup a document link to a Mapinfo Object.

Document Linking or Hotlinking documents or files to map objects can be used to integrate spatial data in your GIS system with data stored in other external file formats. A map object may have one or more linked documents. When there is more than one document to display a list of linked documents is available for selection. Some of the more common linked document file types include:

  • MapInfo table or workspace – If the document is a MapInfo workspace or a MapInfo table, the table is opened within the current instance of MapInfo.
  • Text files – Files with the extension .TXT are opened using Notepad. Larger text files will be opened using WordPad.
  • Word/Excel/Access, etc. You must have Microsoft Office or other Office suite to open this document type.

First, open the table containing map objects. Click a map object and then go to Discover | Table Utilities | Document Link Setup

create document link on mapinfo

On the hotlink setup window, you can either select existing field or create a new field to store the path for the external document. Its recommended to use a Character field with 254 length. Press OK when done.

Now, go to Discover | Table Utilities | Link Documents and browse the file you want to link. When done, save the table and now the selected object has an external document linked. If you want to add another linked file, do the same steps above.

To open the linked document. Click the map object and go to Discover | Table Utilities | Open Linked Documents. The associated documents will be opened using the default application for the file.


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