How to sync local folder to Amazon S3 with Dragon Disk

Dragon Disk was my favorite free sync and backup tool to Amazon S3 cloud storage. It runs on my Windows 10, Linux desktop and even Windows Server. We can easily sync or backup our local directory to remote Amazon S3 storage without any pains. Dragon Disk comes with a simple user interface, explorer like file manager.

I think Dragon Disk is the best free S3 client available out there. It supports Windows, Mac, and also Linux.

To sync local folder with Amazon S3 Bucket, follow these steps.

Step 1. Add Amazon S3 account to Dragon Disk

From Dragon Disk main menu, go to File | Accounts. Click New and enter your Amazon S3 details. You will need to provide the Access Key and Secret Key for Amazon S3 account. Klik OK to complete this first step.

Step 2. Add Sync Job to Dragon Disk

The next step is to configure which folder in local drive that will be synced to Amazon S3. Go to Synchronization | Manage Sync Job. Click Add to create new job.

dragon disk tutorial.png

Give a new name for the new sync job. And specify the source (Local) and target folder (S3). Click OK when complete.

Step 3. Start Sync

To start the backup or sync process, simply go to Synchronization  and then click the sync job we created earlier.


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