How to test your network services using Why Can’t I Connect 1.11.2

If you are running or managing many services on your network, you have to make sure all network services up and running. For example, if you have MySQL, FTP server on your network, you must make sure all users on the network can connect to those server. The easiest way to test the network services is using Why Can’t I Connect application. The name of this software is a bit weird but it represent what it does.

Why Can’t I Connect will help you to test the network services such as MySQL, FTP, SQL Server, IMAP and many more. Its a free and complete application for network administrator. It runs on Windows Operating System and supports Windows 10 as well. Its very easy to use.

To start testing a service, first select the network service you want to test. For example, MySQL Server. Type the Name or IP address of the MySQL Server on the box. Press OK when ready.

why can't i connect 3

it will display the status of the test

why can't i connect 2

If it failed, you will also be notified

why can't i connect 1

Download Why Can’t I Connect 1.11.2


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