How to transfer local MySQL Database to remote MySQL Database using Navicat Premium

Navicat Premium is a powerful tool for Database Administrator. It can be used to manage local or remote MySQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and Oracle. I have been using this software for few years and very satisfied with the performance. On this post, I am going to show you how to perform data transfer on a local MySQL server to my remote MySQL Server using Navicat Premium.

Navicat Premium is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. You may download and try the full features enabled for few days. And you must purchase it if you plan to use it permanently. You may also interested how I install Navicat on my Ubuntu Linux. Lets jump to the tutorial.

Steps to Transfer MySQL Database using Navicat Premium

  1. Connect MySQL Server to Navicat
  2. Perform Data Transfer

Step 1. Connect MySQL Server to Navicat

Make sure you have connected your MySQL Server to Navicat GUI. Please read my previous tutorial to connect MySQL Server to Navicat Premium. On this example, I have several MySQL Server connected to my Navicat Premium.

navicat premium-mysql

Step 2. Perform Data Transfer

Navicat provides a wizard based Data Transfer which very easy to use. To start, go to Tools | Data Transfer. A new window will be opened.

data transfer on navicat.png

On the left panel, select the connection that will be used as the source database. This is the database that we want to transfer. We can transfer all the tables inside the database and we may also select some tables.

On the right, select the connection as the destination database. For example I use my remove database in AWS Cloud. I will store my database in temp_database, same name as my local one.

To start the data transfer, press Start button. We can also save the settings for future use. Use the Save button. Optionally, you may specify some advanced options from the Advance Tab

data transfer on navicat 1.png

When ready, press Start to start the data transfer process

navicat data transfer progress.png

Make sure there is no error on the report. When this all done, you have successfully transfer your database to remote database using Navicat Premium.

navicat data transfer progress 2.png


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