IDrive Classic Professional Backup software for Windows

IDrive Classic is a powerful, rich features backup solution for Windows users. It has many features you need to backup your files, Database server, Synchronize your files and many more. IDrive Classic offers 2 ways of backup, locally and remotely (Cloud backup). You can sign up and get 5 GB free online storage. IDrive Classic is a super easy backup software. On the first install, you will be asked to enter your IDrive account. As I mentioned before we can get free 5GB account by signing up here. The new version of IDrive Classic is now released. You may download it from this link.

idrive classic full version


On the left pane on the IDrive Classic main window, you can find 7 tabs. Backup, Restore, Scheduler, Sync, Local Backup and Server Backup and Disk Image Backup. The Backup menu is for online backup. We need to specify which folders to backup and the backup will be stored on IDrive storage online. Its pretty easy to use. When Backup Now button is pressed, you will notice the backup progress on the left side. Also, you will be notified when the backup process is completed.

idrive classic full version

The restore tab can be used to restore files from both online backup or local backup. The remote cloud storage content will be displayed on the Restore tab. We can easily select which files or folder to restore.

idrive classic restore


IDrive Classic supports backup scheduling. Simply specify how the backup will be performed and you can schedule local backup and remote backup as well.

idrive classic scheduling

Is that all? Nope. IDrive Classic can be used to backup your server for example MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Oracle Server, System State and also Hyper -V. Its a wonderful backup software for Windows. Last but not least, Disk Image Backup is a useful tool to backup the entire disk/partitions to another storage. This is a complete system backup that can be used to restore system if it won’t boot.

idrive classic disk image

With all these features, how much is IDrive Classic? Its free!! The IDrive Classic application is free and you will get 5 GB online storage. To get more space, you must go for Personal or Business account. With all these features, you don’t have to purchase different backup software for your computer. IDrive Classic can do all.

Need a direct Download? Grab IDrive Classic Full Version Now.


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