Install Arc Theme on Elementary OS Loki

This tutorial will show you how to install Arc Theme on Elementary OS Loki. Arc is a flat theme with a subtle color scheme and transparency in select parts of the window, like GTK Header Bars and the Nautilus sidebar. Arc supports most Linux distribution such as Debian, Arch, Ubuntu and Fedora. Since Elementary OS Loki is based on Ubuntu 16.04, we can easily install Arc Theme on Elementary OS Loki.

Here is the look of my Desktop with Arc Theme installed on Elementary OS Loki

install arc theme on elementary os loki

How to install Arc Theme on Elementary OS Loki

Step 1. Install Elementary Tweaks 

Please follow the steps on my previous post to install Elementary Tweaks on Loki. Elementary Tweaks is needed to change theme and icons and some other settings on Elementary OS.

Step 2. Install Arc Theme

Open Terminal and paste the following lines

Step 3. Apply Arc Theme

Open System Settings and open Tweaks. Select Arc Theme from the GTK theme list.



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