Install Budgie Desktop 10.2.7 on Ubuntu 16.10

The new Budgie Desktop 10.2.7 is now available with many improvements. This tutorial will show you how to install Budgie Desktop 10.2.7 on Ubuntu 16.10. This method will also upgrade to the latest version of Budgie Desktop if you have any version installed prior to version 10.2.7.

budgie desktop o

Budgie Desktop Login Screen on Ubuntu 16.10

On this tutorial, I am installing Budgie Desktop on top of Ubuntu 16.10 with Unity Desktop. The following command is sufficient to install Budgie Desktop on Ubuntu. The following command will update and upgrade Ubuntu first and then install Budgie Desktop.

Once the installation completed, log out and re login. Make sure you select Budgie Desktop from the login page as in the picture above.



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