Install Budgie Desktop on Arch Linux 2016

I have successfully installed Arch Linux 2016 on my Virtualbox. But that was Arch Linux with no Desktop Environment, so its pretty unusable since I want a complete desktop based on Arch Linux. On this tutorial, I am going to install Budgie Desktop on my Arch Linux 2016. Since this is my first time, it took some times to get Budgie Desktop installed on my Arch Linux 2016.

arch budgie.png

Steps to install Budgie Desktop on Arch Linux 2016

Step 1. Install xorg

First of all, we need to install xorg and xorg-server package. In Terminal console (since we don’t have any GUI yet), execute this command.

pacman -S xorg xorg-server


install xorg on arch.gif

Step 2. Install Budgie Desktop

After xorg and xorg-server package were installed, we can now install budgie desktop. Use this command to install it

pacman -S budgie-desktop

install budgie desktop on arch.gif

Step 3. Install Display Manager

There are several Display Manager available. But here, I choose to install GDM (Gnome Display Manager).

pacman -S gdm

install gdm on arch.gif

Start gdm service and enable it on every boot

systemctl start gdm.service
systemctl enable gdm.service


At this point, we now have Budgie Desktop and GDM Login installed. We can start using Arch Linux 2016 with Budgie Desktop.


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