Install Conky on Linux Lite 2.0 in easy mode using Conky Manager

Conky is a free widget for Linux and it can be used to provide a real time information about many things such as CPU, RAM, WiFi status and usage. More than that, Conky can make your desktop more eye catching. But, installing and configuring Conky is a pain for a Linux newbie. There are many things/steps to do to get Conky installed and works well. But fortunately there is a GUI application called Conky Manager that simplifies all those things to install Connky on Linux. Conky Manager is developed by teejeetech and its pretty useful.

conky-manager 1

With this Conky Manager we can easily manage which conky to run, edit and even add more theme to it. Its very useful. For Ubuntu users, you can install Conky Manager using the official Conky Manager PPA. Do the following commands on Terminal to install Conky Manager.

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


By default, you will get some ready to use conky item for example:

max conky

torn paper


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