Install Fotoxx 12.01 on Elementary OS Luna

What is your favorite image editor/viewer on Linux? There are many options on this. We can have gThumb, Shotwell, GIMP, Fotoxx and many others. Each programs has their own pros and cons. Here I want to review Fotoxx, an open source image viewer and editor on Linux. I will also show you how to install Fotoxx on Elementary OS Luna.

Fotoxx is a simple, easy to use image editor and viewer application which available for Windows and Linux.┬áIt has many features I need to edit my photos before upload them to my blog. But, for printing use and photography use, I still use Photoshop on Windows. I still can’t find the Photoshop replacement on Linux.


Fotoxx comes with supports to most image formats such as jpg, bmp, png, etc. Also it has a built in raw image format processor which can be used to open, edit or convert image directly from DSLR raw format. The most recent version of Fotoxx 12.01 is available through Ubuntu repository. But actually the new 13.02 version is already available. You can update to this version later. So it can be easily installed on Elementary OS Luna via apt-get command.

To install Fotoxx 12.01 on Elementary OS Luna, simply use this command

sudo apt-get install fotoxx


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