Install JShot Screenshot application on Mac OS X

JShot is a free screenshot tool for Windows, Mac and Linux. JShot can help you to grab your screen, anotate and upload it to several hosting. It was built using Java technology. Before we can install JShot, we have to install Java JDK first. You can download and install Oracle Java JDK for Mac OS X from this link.

jshot editor

Steps to install JShot on Mac OS X

A. Download JShot package

Visit this link to download the latest version of JShot installation for Mac. You will have a file called jshotinstall.jar

B. Install the package

Open Terminal and cd to your download directory for example /User/fitri/Downloads

cd /User/fitri/Downloads
java -jar jshotinstall.jar

Now the installer will open up. Follow on screen install guide as follow:

jshot install 1

jshot install 2

jshot install 3

jshot install 4

jshot install 5
Once finished, make sure you select Jshot to run on system tray. Enjoy this free screenshot tool for your Mac.


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