How to install MariaDB on Fedora 26 Server

Fedora Tutorial – This is the quick tutorial to install MariaDB on Fedora 26 Server. MariaDB is a fork of MySQL Server, a popular and powerful RDBMS. With MariaDB, you can build a powerful database server with many features. MariaDB has been used by millions of website around the world because its free, robust and stable. Beside for website, many company has been migrating their database back end from Microsoft Access or SQL Server to MariaDB/MySQL.

install mariadb on fedora 26

Install MariaDB on Fedora 26 is pretty easy because this package is available in Fedora 26 repository. Before continuing, please make sure you have the following in hands.

  • root password
  • internet connection
  • basic shell command knowledge

Steps to install MariaDB on Fedora 26

Log in to your Fedora 26 server and execute this command to install MariaDB server.

dnf install mariadb-server

Output sample

[root@fedora ~]# dnf install mariadb-server
Last metadata expiration check: 0:01:09 ago on Sat 12 Aug 2017 11:55:07 PM WIB.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                            Arch                 Version                          Repository             Size
 mariadb-server                     x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates                23 M
Installing dependencies:
 bison                              x86_64               3.0.4-6.fc26                     fedora                682 k
 jemalloc                           x86_64               4.5.0-1.fc26                     fedora                209 k
 m4                                 x86_64               1.4.18-3.fc26                    fedora                217 k
 mariadb                            x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates               6.4 M
 mariadb-common                     x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates               100 k
 mariadb-config                     x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates                33 k
 mariadb-errmsg                     x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates               206 k
 mariadb-libs                       x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates               663 k
 perl-DBD-MySQL                     x86_64               4.043-1.fc26                     updates               150 k
 perl-DBI                           x86_64               1.636-4.fc26                     fedora                732 k
 perl-Math-BigInt                   noarch               1.9998.11-1.fc26                 fedora                193 k
 perl-Math-Complex                  noarch               1.59-393.fc26                    updates               101 k
 perl-Storable                      x86_64               1:2.56-368.fc26                  fedora                 83 k
 postgresql-libs                    x86_64               9.6.3-1.fc26                     fedora                250 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 libsphinxclient                    x86_64               2.2.11-3.fc26                    fedora                133 k
 mariadb-server-utils               x86_64               3:10.1.25-1.fc26                 updates               2.2 M
 sphinx                             x86_64               2.2.11-3.fc26                    fedora                5.1 M

Transaction Summary
Install  18 Packages

Total download size: 40 M
Installed size: 186 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

Start MariaDB service

systemctl start mariadb
systemctl enable mariadb

Now we need to secure the MariaDB installation


Follow on screen instruction shown on your Terminal window.

Modify Firewalld to allow MySQL service

firewall-cmd --add-service=mysql --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload

Done. Thanks for reading this how to install MariaDB on Fedora 26 Server. See you on the next tutorial.



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