Install Moka Icon Theme on Fedora 25

For some people, the default icon theme on Fedora 25 seems to be dull and not good looking. I don’t know why Fedora or Gnome still use this icon theme since there are many icons that compatible with Fedora 25 or Gnome which is more beautiful. OK lets leave Gnome with their own decision and now I want to show you how to install Moka Icon Theme on Fedora 25. I use Fedora 25 Gnome edition on this tutorial.

First, here is my default Fedora 25 looks like.

This is fine actually but now I install Moka and it looks like this one below.

moka icon theme on fedora 25

Way better isn’t it? OK, here is what I’ve done to get the Moka Icon Theme installed on Fedora 25.

Steps to install Moka Icon Theme on Fedora 25

Step 1. Add the Moka Repository

Open Terminal and paste the following command to add Moka repository to Fedora 25.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo

Step 2. Install Moka

sudo dnf install moka-icon-theme

At this point, Moka is installed but we need Gnome Tweak Tool in order to apply this new icon theme. So install it using command:

sudo dnf install gnome-tweak-tool


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