Install Netdata Monitoring dashboard on Debian Linux

Netdata is a graphical system monitoring for Linux server. It was designed to help you monitor your server performance in real time, from a web dashboard. Netdata supports almost any distribution. My previous post shows how to install Netdata on CentOS 7. Here, I will show you how to install and configure Netdata monitoring on Debian Linux. To me, Netdata is the best monitoring application for my server.

Before we go further, you may want to have a look at Netdata performs on my Debian Linux

netdata on debian

Netdata provides a detailed information about your CPU, Hard disk, Memory activity in a nice graphical view. All this information can be accessed through your web browser such as Google Chrome.

Install Netdata on Debian Linux

Open Terminal and install the dependency files with this command

Now we need to download the netdata installation files.

Next, cd to netdata and start install it

Wait until it completed and then open your web browser and type the server IP address where you install netdata with the following format.



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