Install Numix Icons and Theme on Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu default theme is a bit boring for me. Fortunately there is Numix, a beautiful, neat GTK theme for Gnome flavor. It comes with a pretty cool theme and icons. This theme turned my boring Ubuntu into a special one. This tutorial is about to show you how to install Numix icons and Theme on Ubuntu 13.10. Before we go to the installation, these screenshots could be change the way you look to Ubuntu.


Numix icon circle has a simply beautiful looks. You can purchase some other themes from the developer if you want more. The above theme is using the free one. For more information about Numix project, please visit the developer page:

To install Numix on Ubuntu, please follow the steps below

Add Numix PPA to Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa

Update Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update

Install Numix theme. I suggest to use Ubuntu Software Center instead. Open Ubuntu Software Center and type numix on the search box. You will find many Numix items there. Simply click on it and press Install.


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