Install Onlyoffice Desktop Editor on Linux Lite 4.0

Hello everyone, its been a while since the last post. Today, I am going to guide you to install Onlyoffice Desktop Editor on Linux Lite 4.0. Linux Lite 4.0 has been released and also the new version of Onlyoffice Desktop Editor 5.1 also available. Onlyoffice Desktop Editor is a free office suite that comes with a powerful collaboration feature.

Onlyoffice Desktop Editor 5.1 can be installed on Linux Lite 4.0 without problems. I have been testing this several times.

onlyoffice desktop editor on linux lite

Onlyoffice Desktop Editor on Linux Lite 4.0

Why Onlyoffice?

Well, to be honest, I don’t like the interface of LibreOffice nor OpenOffice. The other software such as Kingsoft Office (WPS Office) and Onlyoffice are way better than those two. I am not using office for complex calculation or complex document editing. That’s why the interface is very important for me. Onlyoffice has a simply great interface. The icon, tabs are well managed.

onlyoffice chart.png

Enough said. Now let’s jump to the installation process. I am using Linux Lite 4.0 on this tutorial. If you are running Ubuntu 18.04, you can also apply these steps on your Linux distribution.

Steps to install Onlyoffice Desktop Editor 5.1 on Linux Lite (Ubuntu 18.04)

Step 1. Download Onlyoffice Desktop Editor

The developer provides DEB installation file for Ubuntu based Linux. Download this file from this link. Save the file. Mostly, you will have a file called: onlyoffice-desktopeditors_amd64.deb.

Step 2. Install the package

Now, right click the DEB file and select open with GDebi Package Installer. Follow on screen installation wizard. Or, you can use this command below to install the DEB package.

sudo gdebi onlyoffice-desktopeditors_amd64.deb

Make sure you are connected to the internet. It will download several files.

That’s it. Now enjoy your Onlyoffice Desktop Editor. Have a nice day…


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