Install OverGrive on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.04

OverGrive is a Google Drive desktop client for Linux. It will synchronize our Google Drive account with local directory. Since there is no official Google Drive client for Linux, OverGrive could be the best solution for you who are looking for a powerful Google Drive Client for Linux. OverGrive supports most popular distribution such as Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE.

overgrive ubuntu

OverGrive features:

  • Supports Multiple Accounts
  • Autosync local files
  • Auto sync Google files
  • Select Google Drive folders
  • Select Google Drive folder to sync
  • Many more

OverGrive reminds me to Insync, a popular Google Drive clients which supports multiple account as well. I have been using Insync for my company server to sync our company database in Google Drive with our Univention Corporate Server. And so far, it works pretty well. Now I want to give Overgrive a try on my Ubuntu desktop. The latest version available is OverGrive 3.0.10. You can check the new version on this website:

Steps to install OverGrive on Ubuntu desktop

A. Download OverGrive DEB package

Click this link to download OverGrive 3.0.10 DEB.

B. Install the package

Right click the deb file you’ve downloaded on the previous step and select Open with Ubuntu Software Center. Press Install to start the installation.

install overgrive ubuntu

It will download about 19 MB packages from the internet. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Once installed, you will find OverGrive icon listed on the application menu

overgrive ubuntuNow we need to connect our Google Drive account to OverGrive

overgrive ubuntu 2Click Connect account and you will be redirected to Google Drive login page. Copy the validation code shown on that page and paste to the field in OverGrive. Click Validate to continue.

overgrive ubuntu 3Next, OverGrive is ready to use. Click Continue to use OverGrive for 14 days trial or Activate your purchase.  overgrive ubuntu 4OverGrive start syncing your Google Drive account.

overgrive ubuntu 5


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