Install Owncloud Client on Fedora 25

I am currently working on a small project on an exploration company based on South Asia. Its not a big company but we were realize that our data should be go to the cloud for security reason. We have local server but nowadays, Cloud storage and cloud computing are very interesting. OK enough for the intro…. :)

So basically, I just want to write my experience installing Owncloud client on my Fedora 25 Workstation. Most of you may think that this kind of tutorial is a bit useless but for a new Fedora or Linux users, I hope this can help them to quickly tuned into Linux and Fedora.

Owncloud client can be installed via repository. Simply execute the following command on Terminal as root.

When the installation completed, run Owncloud client from the Apps menu. The Owncloud connection wizard will open up. Enter the server address and continue

You may choose the folder to sync or simply sync everything from the Owncloud server.

You may change the local folder as well.

Enjoy your own Cloud system.



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