Install Pinguy OS 14.04 – Step by step tutorial

Pinguy OS 14.04 has been released. This Ubuntu based Linux distribution has a simple and beautiful appearance. Its pretty easy to use and I think its better than Ubuntu 14.04 in term of user interface. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install Pinguy OS 14.04 with step by step tutorial. I will create screenshot for each installation steps. I hope this tutorial will be useful for anyone new to Pinguy OS.

First, make sure you have Pinguy OS 14.04 ISO file. If not, you can download it from here. Next, burn the ISO into a DVD or simply create Pinguy OS 14.04 LiveUSB.

Boot your computer with the DVD ROM or PinguyOS LiveUSB. On the first screen, you can select Live or Install to directly install Pinguy OS to the system.

install pinguy os 1

On this tutorial, I select the first one, Live mode. I will install it from the desktop. On Pinguy OS desktop, double click the Install Pinguy 14.04 icon which is located on the desktop.

install pinguy os 2

Select the installation language.

install pinguy os 3

Disk partitioning. Since I want to use the whole disk for Pinguy OS installation, I use the first option. For more options, you can choose Something Else option. If you have Windows installed on your disk and you still want to use it, you have to select “Something Else” and create a custom partition from there. Please be careful when you have data on your disk.

Snap 2014.05.23 - 004

Select your country and time zone

install pinguy os 5

Select your keyboard layout. If don’t know, simply press next to use the default value.

install pinguy os 6

Create a new user for Pinguy OS 14.04

install pinguy os 7

Press Continue and the installation process will started. Wait until it finished. Reboot when done.

install pinguy os 8

After restart, login using username you created during installation and finally enjoy Pinguy OS 14.04.

pinguy os 14.04 screenshot 1


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