Install Plex Media Server on Fedora 22 Server

Plex Media Server is a popular application that will turn your PC or server into a multimedia streaming server. The new version of Plex Media Server 0.9.12 is now available for download. Here I want to show you how to install Plex Media Server 0.9.12 on Fedora 22 Server. 

A. Download Plex Media Server rpm package

From the Terminal console, use this command to download Plex Media Server RPM file for Fedora




B. Install package

rpm -U plexmediaserver-


rpm -U plexmediaserver-

C. Start the service

systemctl start plexmediaserver

D. Disable firewall

systemctl stop firewalld
systemctl disable firewalld    

The last command is to disable firewall permanently. Do it with cautions. 

Now open web browser from other computer on the same network and type http://server-ip-address:32400/manage. Chage server-ip-address with your Fedora server ip address.



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