Install Proxmox VE 3.4 tutorial with screenshots

Proxmox 3.4 is now released. Proxmox is a Debian based Linux that was designed for Virtual Environment which means we can run multiple operating systems on top of it. Proxmox is a rich features, open source virtual environment server with KVM and containers. You can read more about Proxmox here. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install Proxmox 3.4 on a server.

Boot your server with Proxmox ISO. You can download the ISO here. Next, boot your computer with the Proxmox ISO.

On the first screen select Install Proxmox VE and press Enter

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 1

Accept the license agreement to continue

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 2

Next select the disk

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 3

You can choose additional options by pressing Options button. You can choose the disk format etc. Now select your country.

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 4

Next, we need to define the administrator password and email.

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 5

Now we need to configure the network for Proxmox, hostname etc.

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 6

Enter the network details above with the correct one matching your current network configuration. Press Next when ready. The installation will take place

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 7

When the installation complete, reboot your PC or server

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 8

Upon reboot, you will see the following screen on your server.

install proxmox 3.4 VE step 9

Use the address shown on the screen to access Proxmox web GUI

proxmox web gui

User root as username and type the password we type on the installation process. Now Proxmox VE server is up and running. We can start to power up the first virtual machine. Thanks for reading.


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