Install Rockstor 3.8.16 Tutorial

Rockstor is a Fedora based Linux distribution for server. It comes with many features you need to build a custom server for your home or office. Rockstor comes with a nice and simple web GUI to manage all the features inside. Rockstore is This tutorial will guide you to install the latest Rockstor version 3.8.16. I am using my Virtualbox to install this latest Rockstor.

Steps to install Rockstor 3.8.16

Step 1. Boot your computer

Use the Rockstor ISO file to boot your computer or server. You can either burn the ISO to DVD or create a Live USB. On the boot screen, select the first option to start the installer immediately.

Step 2. Specify the root password

On the next step, during the installation process is ongoing, we need to specify new password for root user.

The installation process will take some times and this is an automated process. All your hard disk will be wiped and overwritten by Rockstor. So make sure you have backed up your hard disk. Wait until the installation completed and reboot. Upon reboot, you won’t see anything instead of black Terminal screen. Login using root user and password you specified on the previous step.

To check the IP address, use the following command

ip addr

It will display detailed information about the network.

Step 3. Configuration

Once the installation completed, open a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox and type the Rockstor server IP address with the following format:


For example:

On the first page, we need to configure the hostname and create admin user.

Next, you will see an update suggestion. It is recommended to perform update if you see there are updates available for Rockstor as follow

Now, Rockstor is ready. The dashboard display many useful information for your system.


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