Install Stremio 3.4.5 on Ubuntu 15.04, 14.04, 15.10

Before we go through the installation of Stremio on Ubuntu Linux, the following screenshots will give you a brief introduction how Stremio works.

stremio 3.4.5-linux.png

stremio settings.png

You can also watch how Stremio performing on Windows 10. To install Stremio on Ubuntu, first you will need to download Stremio package for Linux.

You will get a package called: Stremio3.4.5.linux.tar.gz depends on the version available. Next, extract the file by right clicking on that file and select extract here.

install stremio ubuntu

It will produce a new directory called Stremio3.4.5.linux. Open the folder and you will see list of files as follow:

stremio ubuntu.png

To start using Stremio, simply double click the file Stremio-runtime or right click and select run. Enjoy Stremio on Ubuntu. Thanks for reading.


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