Install Tomahawk 0.8.4-2 Music Player on Fedora 22

Tomahawk is a multi platform music player which comes with a nice interface and it supports many sources. The new Tomahawk 0.8.4-2 is now available for download. Linux users can obtain this new version from the official website or from your distribution repository.

Tomahawk 0..8.4-2 on my Fedora 22

tomahawk fedora 2

Tomahawk 0.8.4-2 supports local network, Google Music, Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud,, Jamendo and many more. To install Tomahawk on Fedora 22, open Terminal and paste this command as root.

dnf install tomahawk

tomahawk fedora 1

Video tutorial how to install Tomahawk  on Fedora 22


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