Install WPS Office 10.1 on Elementary OS Loki

WPS Office is the best alternative to Microsoft Office for Linux OS. It comes with a nice user interface. Compared to OpenOffice or LibreOffice, WPS Office interface is slightly better. The new version of WPS Office 10.1 is now available for Linux OS. This tutorial will show you how to install WPS Office 10.1 on Elementary OS Loki.

Steps to install WPS Office 10.1 on Elementary OS Loki

A. Download WPS Office 10.1 DEB Package

Visit this page and select the DEB package match your architecture.

download wps office linux.png

B. Install WPS Office package

I highly recommended to install gdebi package prior to WPS installation. Use the following command in Terminal to install gdebi

sudo apt-get install gdebi

Next, right click the DEB file and select open in gdebi package installer.

install wps office elementary os.png

Wait until the installation completed.

wps office on elementary os loki.png

install wps offiice elementary os.gif


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