Jabut 9.0.36, free and powerful backup software for Windows

Jabut is a free backup software for Windows. It provides a better and easier way to backup or synchronize your files and folders. We can create multiple backup profiles which automatically executed at given time. Create once and let the program do the backup jobs for you. The latest version when this post is written is Jabut 9.0.36. You can download it from this link (64 bit).

jabut backup

Before we can perform the backup jobs, we need to create profiles. Go to File | Create new profile and you will be guided with a simple profile creation wizard. There are two ways to create new profiles, Express mode and custom mode which provides more options.

jabut backup download

We can choose the automatic backup operation.

jabut backup interval

We can also choose the backup mode. There are some options such as simple mode, synchronize and few more. Its a good to have several backup mode in a single software.

jabut backup mode

Finally save the profile and let the backup runs automatically

jabut save profile

For more information and download, please visit Jabut website. Thank you.


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