Jelly Conky, a simple Conky for your desktop

I like this Jelly Conky on my Elementary OS Luna. Its pretty simple but makes my Elementary OS Luna looks beautiful. This is my Elementary OS Luna desktop with the following items:

elementary os luna -1

Its easier to install this Conky if you have Conky Manager installed on your Linux. Please read my previous tutorial on how to install Conky Manager on Ubuntu or Elementary OS Luna.

To install Jelly Conky, follow this tutorial below:

Download the Jelly Conky package from the original link above or you can download it from my Copy folder. You will get a zip file called

– Extract the zip

You will have a new folder called Jelly-Conky. Open the folder and you should see two folders

jelly conky

– Install the font 

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


Change /home/dhani/Downloads/Jelly-Conky/roboto-font accordingly.

– Copy .conkyrc to Conky Manager

Create a new folder called JellyConky (or anything your like) under /home/conky-manager/themes

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


Now copy the .conkyrc (hidden) to the new folder above

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


There are three different modes on Jelly-Conky folder. You can create new folder for each of them if you want. This example only copy the Clock+Date+Weather mode.

Now open Conky Manager and activate the JellyConky

jelly conky tutorial


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