Korora 20 KDE Screenshots Tour

I just installed the latest version of Korora 20 KDE edition. Its a Fedora based Linux distribution which uses KDE as its default desktop manager. At a glance, there not much modifications┬ácompared to any other default KDE based Linux. But, with 2.3 GB of the ISO file, you will get bunch applications installed by default on each categories. I’ve took some screenshots of this Korora 20 KDE edition. Korora 20 is good for a Linux newbie. I can give 8 out of 10 score for this.

Korora 20 KDE Desktop is pretty simple and clean. KDE application menu, taskbar are located at the bottom of the screen.

korora 20 kde screenshot 1

KDE Menu in action

korora 20 kde screenshot 2

Korora sysadm application showing current processes and running apps

korora 20 kde screenshot 3

Internet browser application, older version of Mozilla Firefox is installed. Need upgrade.

korora 20 kde screenshot 4

Bunch multimedia player and editor are available on Korora 20 KDE

korora 20 kde screenshot 5


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