Korora 23 Desktop Installation tutorial

Korora is a Fedora based Linux desktop with so many interesting features, beautiful desktop and its extremely fast. Installing Korora 23 (the latest version when I wrote this post), is pretty easy and straight forwarrd. Before we continue to the installation process, you may want to have a look at my other post of Korora 23 Screenshots.

korora flavors.png

Steps to install Korora 23 Desktop

A. Download ISO

Unless you already have, you can download the Korora 23 ISO file from here.

B. Boot computer with the ISO

Next, boot your PC or Virtual Machine using the ISO file. Once you reach the Desktop, click Install to Hard Disk icon to start the installation wizard.

C. Select the installation language

korora 23 installation 2

D. Installation Summary

On this step, you will see a quick overview of your system. You will note a yellow exclamation sign on the installation destination.

korora 23 installation 3

E. Select hard disk

Click the Installation destination to select the hard disk to install Korora 23.

korora 23 installation 4.png

Once you select the destination disk, you will also need to select the partitioning method. If you are new to Fedora, selecting the Automatic partitionig is sufficient. Press Done to confirm your selection.

F. Begin installation

korora 23 installation 5.png

When all set, you should not see any warning on the installation summary. Now press Begin installation to start the installation process.

korora 23 installation 6.png

While installing, you will also need to set the root password and create a new user for Korora system.

korora 23 installation 7.png

The installation will take some times, go grab your coffee while the installation take place. Once completed, reboot your system.

Login to Korora and enjoy Korora 23 :)

korora 23


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