Korora 23 Gnome Screenshots Tour

Korora 23 is now available for download with many desktop environment options. Korora 23 is a Fedora based Linux with many tweaks and improved features. Korora 23 is extremely fast, lightweight and yet beautiful. If you need a beautiful desktop with no efforts, Korora is the answer. Korora 23 ISO can be downloaded from the official website.

Korora 23 is available with Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce desktop. All flavors has the same goal, make Linux desktop simpler, faster and beautiful. Here we have some screenshots of Korora 23 Gnome.

The Desktop

korora screenshot 1Clean desktop with application dock on the left side make Korora 23 simpler.

Application Menu

korora 23 desktopApplication list can be accessed from the Atom Dock (made popular by Ozon OS previously).

Application Switcher

korora 23 screenshot 2By default, Korora 23 comes with bunch software installed. Firefox is the default web browser, Darktable, Audacity, OpenShot, VLC are some of the software installed in 2 GB ISO package.

I run Korora 23 Live USB and it works pretty fast. So, its time for you to try it.


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