Linux 4.8.13 is now available on Arch repository

If you are running Arch Linux, the new Kernel version 4.8.13 is now available on Pacman repository. Its available through the Pamac updater utility. It is good to have an updated Linux Kernel installed on our system.

linux kernel 4.8.13 arch.png

Linux 4.8.13 brings many improvements especially ARM64 fixes. There are only minor updates to AMDGPU sections. For all Linux users running Linux 4.8 series, it is recommended to upgrade to this new version.

Linux kernel 4.8.13 brings updated ADMGPU and Radeon graphics drivers with fixes for the availability of port PM, lots of ARM64 (AArch64) improvements, but also some small fixes for the x86 and ARC architectures, updated ATA (libata-scsi), CLK (sunxi), Intel i915, MediaTek, wireless (Marvell mwifiex), PCI-E, PWM, and SCSI drivers.

In order to update to Linux 4.8.13, Arch users can perform update with the following command:

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo reboot

Now check if the new kernel is activated

kernel 4.8.13 arch.gif


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