Linux Deepin 2014 Release Candidate is now available

The development of Linux Deepin 2014 is now hit the first Release Candidate (RC). The final release should be available soon. This Linux Deepin 2014 RC comes with the following updates:

Based on the official Linux Deepin website, the Linux Deepin 2014 RC system has been fully optimized with a boot memory of 500M, and the internal prompt mechanism has been improved, which makes Deepin Desktop Environment be more light weight and sensitive. The new optimized themeĀ is improved for better user experiences.

The new Linux Deepin 2014 RC brings a new and improved Control Center.

linux deepin 2014 rc

The complete information about new features in Linux Deepin 2014, you can visit this page.

Download Linux Deepin 2014 RC, English:


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