Linux Distribution Review – Deepin 15.4.1

The new updated version of Deepin 15.4.1 is now available for download. Personally, I have been waiting for this new update since Deepin 15.4 release back to few months ago. If you are new to Deepin, Deepin is a Debian based Linux distribution that is believed to be the most beautiful Linux desktop available. Its an out of the box beauty. You don’t have to install or change anything to get the beautiful Deepin desktop.

Why you should choose Deepin 15.4.1

Its a good question, why you should choose Deepin, specifically Deepin 15.4.1. Its very easy to answer. Deepin is stable, beautiful and easy to use. Its based on rock solid Debian Linux, so it compatible with all Debian software/packages. Its also very easy to update.

There are many improvements on this new Deepin 15.4.1. Now available the mini Launcher menu. With this new menu design, you could have a simplified app menu, remind us to Windows 7 style but way better.

Open file via Dock functionality

On this version, we can simply drag and drop file to the application on Dock to open the file. This improvement is very good because we can simply drag and drop the file to application on Dock.

Better Deepin Screenshot performance

The Deepin developer claims that the new version of Deepin Screenshots perform better than any previous versions. It can be opened in 1 second. And this is true. The new Deepin screenshots now feels very quick. Together with Deepin video recorder, you have the most advanced screencast tool for your Linux.

Great Choice of Applications

Deepin 15.4.1 has many essential applications installed by default. You will find Google Chrome 58.0 as the default web browser, WPS Officce application to handle any Office document files. Thunderbird is the default mail client and also some native multimedia applications such as Deepin Music and Deepin Movie.

deepin music player

Deepin Music

Deepin Movie

Deepin Movie

Updated Deepin Store 4.0.9

Deepin Store is one stop application to install various software for your system. If you don’t want the Terminal way to install application, then Deepin Store is for you. You can search, install and remove applications in few clicks. Deepin Store is the most advanced Software Center for Linux.

Last but not least, Deepin 15.4.1 includes Steam application which is the most popular gaming platform on Linux. You can download and install various games from Steam and play them on Deepin Linux.


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