Linux Lite 2.0 Screenshots Tour

I just downloaded Linux Lite 2.0 64 bit edition and currently testing on my VirtualBox. Linux Lite 2.0 is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution which is simple, beautiful and lightweight. Linux Lite 2.0 is very user friendly even for a Linux newbie. Whisker menu makes all applications accessible through menu button on the bottom left. Here are some Linux Lite 2.0 screenshots.

linux lite screenshot 1

Linux Lite 2.0 desktop. Simply beautiful

linux lite 2.0 screenshot 1

Whisker menu on Linux Lite 2.0 is very easy to use

linux lite 2.0 screenshot 2

Linux Lite 2.0 uses Synaptic Package Manager to handle the application install or uninstall

linux lite 2.0 screenshot 3

A unique tool to install additional software on Linux Lite 2.0

linux lite 2.0 screenshot 4

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