Linux Lite 2.6 Screenshots Tour

Linux Lite has just released the new version of Linux Lite 2.6, an Ubuntu based Linux desktop with so many impressive features. The new Linux Lite 2.6 is now powered by Linx Kernel 3.13, Xfce 4.10 and many more. Here I have some screenshots of Linux Lite 2.6.

TheĀ Desktop

Linux Lite 2.6 comes as a Live DVD which can be booted to a Laptop, PC or even a virtual machine. This is the look of the Linux Lite desktop on the first boot on Live DVD

linux lite 2.6 screenshot 1

Linux Lite Control Center

Linux Lite 2.6 comes with the Control Center. This program is not available on previous version. Control Center is an integrated application where we can view general information of our computer and also change many settings of Linux Lite right away from this Control center. Its a useful application.

linux lite 2.6 screenshot 2

linux lite 2.6 screenshot 3


There are many installed application on the LiveDVD. LibreOffice 5 is the default Office Suite application, VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox 40, Thunderbird Mail Client

linux lite 2.6 screenshot 4

There are also usefulĀ applications such as Disk, SystemBack (for backup and restore) also available on Linux Lite 2.6.

Linux Lite 2.6 is getting mature and there are fast growing fans out there. The release of Linux Lite 2.6 give options to us to jump into Linux. Now, any new Linux users don’t have to worry about difficulties switching from other OS to Linux.


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