Linux Tutorial-How to install Fedora 23 Server

On this Linux Tutorial section, I will guide you how to install Fedora 23 Server from the scratch. Fedora 23 Server edition is a free, powerful operating system for your Server. It has many features you need to build a rock solid server. You can have your own file server, virtualization server, database server, web server and many more with Fedora Server.

First, grab the latest ISO file of Fedora 23 Server. You may navigate to this link to download Fedora 23 Server ISO. Then you will need to burn the ISO to a DVD or simply create Fedora 23 Live USB installation. If you want to install Fedora 23 Server on VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation, you don’t have to burn it to a DVD.

Boot your computer or virtual machine with the ISO. On the first boot screen, select your preferred language from the list.

fedora 23 server installation 1.png

On the next page, you will see your system summary.

fedora 23 server installation 2

You should see a yellow marked section that needs your attention. Click on Installation Destination to specify where Fedora 23 Server will be installed. Then, select the hard disk for the installation. You can also choose other storage as well.

fedora 23 server installation 3

Click Done when ready and it will bring you back to the system summary.

fedora 23 server installation 4.png

Click Begin Installation to proceed to the next step. The actual installation process will begin.

fedora 23 server installation 5.png

While installing, click on ROOT PASSWORD to specify the root password.

fedora 23 server installation 6.png

Additionally, you can also create a new user for the Fedora 23 Server. Click on USER CREATION to create new user.

fedora 23 server installation 7

Wait until the installation is completed. Once completed reboot Fedora Server

fedora 23 server installation 8

Now remove the DVD or ISO file from your computer or VM. And boot to the newly installed Fedora 23 Server.

fedora 23 server.png

Now you can login to your Fedora 23 Server and start manage it.


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