Manjaro 0.8.11 now supports Linux Kernel 3.18

Another good news for Manjaro Linux users. The new Manjaro Linux 0.8.11 is now brings support to the latest Kernel 3.18. So, Manjaro 0.8.11 will have supports for the following Kernel versions: 3.10.61, 3.12.35, (maintained by Canonical), 3.14.26, Linux kernel, Linux kernel 3.17.6, and Linux kernel 3.18.0. Manjaro Linux 0.8.11 is not final yet and once its available, you can upgrade or install Kernel 3.18 on Manjaro.

manjaro 0.8.11 uses kernel 3.18

Manjaro is an Arch based Linux desktop which comes with various desktop environment such as KDE, Xfce, GNOME and some others. Manjaro is good for anyone who wants to use Arch Linux but with a simpler installation procedures.


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