Manjaro 16.06 KDE Screenshots Tour

Just downloaded the third preview of Manjaro 16.06 KDE. Its a pretty, and yet fast Linux desktop. Manjaro 16.06 KDE has many improvements, bug fixes. Even its not the stable version, I can run it on my laptop via LiveUSB without any problems. Everything seems to be working fine.

Manjaro 16.06 KDE Desktop is quite simple. But when you click the start menu, the app list will appear immediately. Its really a nice experience using it.

manjaro 16.06 kde screenshot 1

Start Menu

Everything is organized in a nice way. All applications can be accessed easily.

manjaro 16.06 kde screenshot 2Dolphin file manager

manjaro 16.06 kde screenshot 4Application switcher

To switch between opened apps, use Alt + Tab combination and the previewed window will be opened at the left of the screen

manjaro 16.06 kde screenshot 5There are still many interesting features to explore on Manjaro 16.06. Download and install the ISO and start use it.


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