Manjaro Deepin 16.08 Screenshots Tour

The new version of Manjaro Deepin 16.08 is now available for download. Manjaro Deepin 16.08 features the newest Deepin Desktop Environment that used in the official Deepin 15.3. Manjaro Deepin combines Manjaro powerful Linux with the easy to use Deepin Desktop. Its a true beautiful Linux distribution for Desktop.

I am not going to give a complete review on Manjaro Deepin 16.08, I just want to share some nice screenshots of Manjaro Deepin 16.08 I installed on VirtualBox. If you are interested, you may download Manjaro Deepin 16.08 from the official website. I include the link at the bottom of this post.


Manjaro Deepin 16.08 Desktop

I like the control center on the right side. All settings can be accessed from this Control Center panel. Also, the application launcher looks great, easy to use and yet beautiful.


Manjaro Deepin 16.08 comes with many useful applications such as Chromium, LibreOffice 5, VLC Media Player, Transmission BitTorrent client. Also, it has all the Deepin native applications such as Deepin Screenshots, Deepin Movie, Deepin Game, Deepin Terminal.


Download link for Manjaro Deepin 16.08

Manjaro Deepin is a beautiful, stable and easy to use Linux distribution. A perfect combination between the power of Manjaro and the beauty of Deepin desktop environment.


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