Manjaro Pantheon 2015.08 Screenshots Tour

The are many flavors of Manjaro with different desktop environment. You may choose KDE, Xfce, Mate, Gnome and also Pantheon. Pantheon desktop is a simple and beautiful desktop environment made popular by ElementaryOS. I just downloaded Manjaro 2015 Pantheon edition from here and now testing it. I have some screenshots of Manjaro 2015.08 Pantheon edition for you. Check these out.

Manjaro Pantheon 2015 Desktop

manjaro pantheon 2015.8 screenshot 1

Application Menu

manjaro pantheon 2015.8 screenshot 2


manjaro pantheon 2015.8 screenshot 3

Elementary Tweak

manjaro pantheon 2015.8 screenshot 4

Manjaro Pantheon 2015.08 seems promising. But it performs very slow on a VirtualBox. There are few applications comes with the LiveDVD. No Office Suite application but it can be installed easier later.


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