Mapinfo Pro Advanced 2015.2, new version with many bugs

Pitney Bowes has just released a new, redesigned Mapinfo Pro Advanced software that was claimed to be the first full 64 bit support Mapinfo product. This is the new Mapinfo Pro Advanced 2015.2. It comes with a brand new user interface, ribbon interface like Microsoft Office.

As a Mapinfo user, I was surprised with this new version but to be honest, this is the worst version of Mapinfo (at least until now). I was hoping PB will soon release update to their Mapinfo 2015.2. The Discover grids does not work as expected, and still some bugs there. The grid label will not displaying the easting label when I use polygon mask. Its frustrating..

mapinfo pro advanced 2015.2 main window

On this version, new layout designed has become the default layout editor. Its good actually but again there are still uncomfortable to use it. Come on Pitney Bowes, check and fix your product.!!


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