Mapinfo Tutorial-How to export MapInfo Table to Microsoft Excel

Mapinfo Professional is a powerful GIS application that is used by many organizations, company, projects. On this tutorial, I am going to show you how to export a MapInfo table into Tab delimite file (.txt). Then, this .txt file can be opened in other application such as Microsoft Excel or any other supported program.

To export Mapinfo table to Tab Delimited file, first we need to open the file in MapInfo Professional. Then follow these steps to export the table.

  1. Go to Table | Export
  2. Specify the file name and select the Save as Type as Delimited ASCII (.txt). The Delimited ASCII Information window will come up.

export table to tab delimited mapinfo 1

  1. Make sure Tab option button is selected if you want to export the Table as Tab delimited. You can also specify other delimiter by selecting Other and type the delimited you want, for example comma, or space.
  2. Select the option Use First Line for Column Titles if you want to include the Field name of the original Table to the exported .txt file.
  3. Press OK

You may watch how to export MapInfo file to Text delimited file below.

export mapinfo tab to excel

Thank you for reading. You may download this tutorial in .rtf file format from the link below.

Export MapInfo Table to Tab Delimited file


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