Mapinfo Tutorial-How to Open ESRI Shapefile to MapInfo

Its been a while not to write post about GIS application. Here, I want to refresh my GIS memory again by starting it with Mapinfo. Its pretty basic but maybe other people out there need to know about how can we open or import ESRI Shapefiles (.Shp). OK, basically, There are several ways to open or import Shapefile to be used in Mapinfo. The first is using Open dialog. Go to File | Open. Select ESRI (R) Shapefile on the File of Types. Now you should see list of your .shp files.

open shp on mapinfo 1

Press Open to start opening the Shapefile. Next, you will be asked where to save the Mapinfo Tab for the file. Also if needed we can adjust some other information as follow.

open shp on mapinfo 2

Finally, if there is no error, the shapefile should be opened on Mapinfo window.

open shp on mapinfo

Thanks for reading this post and see you on the next Mapinfo tutorial.


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