Mozilla Firefox 32 Beta 6 running on Zorin OS 6

I just downloaded the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox 32 Beta 6. This is the development version of Firefox. I can run this Firefox 32 on my Zorin OS 9 without problems but I am not recommended you to install this Beta version on a production machine. It still contains bugs and errors. Here are some screenshots of Mozilla Firefox 32 Beta 6 running on Zorin OS 6.

firefox 32 beta 6 1

Mozilla Firefox 32 runs faster than previous version. I also notice that Firefox 32 feels faster than Google Chrome.

firefox 32 beta 6 2

firefox 32 beta 6 3

And finally, Firefox 32 displaying Gamblisfx website.

firefox 32 beta 6 4


One Comment

  1. Fireox FTW!
    ps: this version 32 is faster due to the HTTP caching (v2)
    Integration of generational garbage collection

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