Numix Icon Theme Technic on my Fedora 23

Fedora 23 Workstation is a great desktop but let me tell you the icon theme is awful (sorry to say that :)). If you agree with me, you may change your icon theme to something else. There are many beautiful icons and theme available for Fedora 23. I just found Numix Icon Theme Technic which is just awesome. Technic is short for Technicolor which means we can change the icon color easily.

Here are some screenshots of my Fedora 23 Workstation with Numix Icon Theme Technic

numix icon technic 2numix icon technic 3You can change the icon color to blue, red, yellow, green and any color you like. Interested? See how to download and install Numix Icon Theme Technic below.

A. Download the Technic icon theme from here. Don,t forget to credit the developer at GitHub.

B. Extract the to your directory

C. Move the extracted folder to /usr/share/icons

If you having difficulties, please follow the step by step guide below (via Terminal)

Download via Terminal:

cd ~/Downloads

Extract the zip file


Move numix-icon-theme-technic-master folder to /usr/share/icons

sudo mv numix-icon-theme-technic-master /usr/share/icons

Done. Now use Gnome Tweak Tool to change the icon theme. You may want to install Gnome Tweak Tool as well.

sudo dnf install gnome-tweak-toll

numix icon theme technicTo change the icon colour, open Terminal and cd to /usr/share/icons/numix-icon-theme-technic

cd /usr/share/icons/numix-icon-theme-technic-master
sudo ./

Type green, yellow or other colour. You can endit the file if you understand the hex colour symbol.


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