OpenMediaVault 3.0.80 brings better UI and bug fixes

OpenMediaVault 3.0.80 has been released. If you have the previous version installed (ie. version 3.0.74, you can easily upgrade to this new version via web console. The new OVM 3.0.80 brings a better User Interface (UI) and also some bug fixes. According to the official website, OMV 3.0.80 updates the locale, fix bug in shutdown page and also improve PHP class.

openmediavault 3.0.80 login.png

As you can see, the new OMV 3.0.80 brings a new user interface. Its more modern now compared to previous version.

openmediavault 3.0.80 dashboard.png

OpenMediaVault 3.0.80 Download Link


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