OpenMediaVault 3.0 Introduction

OpenMediaVault is a Linux appliance based on Debian Linux. Its a perfect appliance for your Network Attached Storage (NAS). OpenMediaVault is popular because its simplicity, powerful and rich features. There are modules which we can add, disable or enable on OpenMediaVault.

OMV is distributed in ISO format. The most recent version when this post is written is version 3.0 Beta. I tested this Beta version and I will share some screenshots of it here. The installation of OpenMediaVault 3.0 Beta is pretty straight forward. If you are new to OVM or even new to Linux, you won’t get any difficulties to install OpenMediaVault. You can install it on a dedicated PC or server, or even you can install it on a Virtual Machine.

Like any previous version, OpenMediaVault comes with a clean web management console. This web console consist of many things you can use to manage the OVM server.


There are many sections on the web management console such as System settings, Storage settings, Services, Access Right Management and many more. I’ll try to cover many sections on OpenMediaVault on the next posts.


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