OwnCloud 7.0.1 is now out

The new version of OwnCloud 7.0.1 is now available for download. This new version of OwnCloud 7 is now become the default downloaded version on the official website. But we still be able to download the older version of OwnCloud. OwnCloud is a free application that enable us to build our own Cloud server system. We can have a Dropbox like server without having to stick to any other cloud data provider.


What’s new on OwnCloud 7.0.1:

  • Set maximum width for notification so they don’t overlap the whole header
  • Don’t preload videos on public sharing
  • Fix preview size calculation under certain conditions
  • Fix to always show all available versions in the versions dropdown
  • Support WebDAV copy operation and make encryption aware of it
  • Make sure to set the expire date if a date is set as default
  • Improved link icon for better UX
  • Fix rendering of blank template
  • Only call exec if is is enabled by PHP
  • Limit app menu icon size
  • Show a warning in the personal settings and admin settins if the encyption keys are not yet initialized
  • Always remove share permission if user is excluded from sharing
  • Add OCS api call to set expire date for link shares
  • Read the¬†complete changelog¬†

You can download the most recent version of OwnCloud 7.0.1 from this link.


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