OwnCloud, A new way to store files online without space limitation

There are many online storage services (often called as cloud storage) out there. But most of them has limited space. If we want to store MP3, Videos and any other files which exceed the limit, we must register and pay some price. Its reasonable right? But can you imagine if there is an application or service which allow us to store any files without any limitation?

The answer is to have our own cloud server. it cost much you think? But the answer is NO. OwnCloud is the answer of many commercial cloud services limitation. With OwnCloud we have the full control to our own cloud server. But its difficult to do the setup and many other things that end users don’t want to play with? Again, the answer is NO. OwnCloud is pretty simple to setup on Windows, Mac and Linux.

OwnCloud system consist of two parts, server and client. OwnCloud developer already provided both server and client packages. First we need to setup a server which will be used to store and handle the data on server side. And the client is the front end user interface to upload and manage the files.

For more information please visit http://owncloud.org/. Next time I will post a comprehensive tutorial on how to setup OwnCloud server and client in several Linux flavour. Stay tuned


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