Ozon Icon Theme free download for GNOME desktop

Ozon OS icon theme offers a nice, eye cathcing icons collections for GNOME desktop. I’ve downloaded this icon theme and installed on my Ozon OS Alpha “Hydrogen” and it looks pretty nice. Even it was developed by Ozon OS team and specially designed for Ozon OS, the Ozon Icon theme can be installed on other Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, Fedora and almost any Linux distribution.

Here are some example of Ozon Icon Theme installed on my Ozon OS Alpha “Hydrogen”

ozon os icon theme 2

ozon os icon theme 1

Ozon Icon Theme could be a good alternative for you who bored with the default icon theme on your distribution. To install it, simply follow these steps below.

A. Download Ozon Icon Theme

Visit this Ozon OS on GitHub and then click Download zip on the right side of the web page.

B. Extract the package

After download, extract or unzip the package and you should see a folder called Ozon. Move the Ozon folder to /usr/share/icons. You can use the following command to do it

sudo mv Ozon /usr/share/icons

Done. To change the icon theme on your desktop, you must have one of the following applications depends on which distribution you are using

Enjoy and share your thoughts here.



  1. Thank you for the post! The icon pack is beautiful! I couldn’t get the terminal command to work however – even after cd into the Downloads folder. I just did it manually instead.

    • Nevermind, I cd further by going into the ozon-icon-theme-master folder. I was just a step too far back in the downloads folder. I also may have had to change my permissions as I think my encrypted Ubuntu setup was denying me permission to edit/add files in the usr/share/icons folder.

      Again, thanks for the post!

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